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Get your signed copy of The Timewalker Archives, Vol. 1 in paperback or hardcover today! Available as either first edition colored print run or standard black and white copies. First edition colored print run copies also include diamond 3D printing on the cover. All orders will recieve a complimentary character art print while supplies last.




Unlikely alliances, ancient lineages, and a rich history shrouded in secrets propel Adelaide Anson in her search for the only thing that matters—the truth behind the fire that claimed her parents’ lives.


When a mysterious letter appears promising answers, she finds herself joining the exclusive time traveling order of the Red Rose Society. As she makes her way from the French Revolution to the American Civil War and back again, Adelaide is left wondering who she can trust, and more importantly, who she’ll be. With danger and dashing companions at every turn, her emerging ability to see fragments of history leads her on a path to uncover the answers she seeks—and some she did not ask for.


While time unravels in ways she never thought possible, she’s forced to examine her role in history’s making. But as she quickly learns, the truth comes with a price and some secrets are better left buried.


Adelaide’s tale of twisted time will leave her asking the ultimate question—is protecting the past worth sacrificing your future?


The Timewalker Archives, Vol. 1 is the first book in a young adult historical fantasy series perfect for fans of NBC’s Timeless and Alyson Noël’s Stealing Infinity.

The Timewalker Archives

  • Usually ships within 5-7 business days

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