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Get a book box complete with a signed hardcover copy of Veiled Scars (The Timewalker Archives, Vol. 2)! 


This book box includes:

  • A signed hardcover of Veiled Scars
  • Themed stickers
  • Character art print featuring Adelaide & Lucille Doll Wise (by @colouranomaly)
  • A hand-poured peweter Tudor Rose keychain of Adelaide's necklace pendant 
  • Queen's Blood: a fire quartz palm stone from @crystals_by_titina
  • Red Rose Society bath soak with dried rose petals from @thesoapnook




After a failed escape leaves her trapped in the past with a broken time machine, Adelaide Anson realizes the depth of the Red Rose Society’s deceit. Lost, injured, and on the run, she and her companions must navigate early 1940s Asheville, NC to find a way back home. As Adelaide’s connection to the past grows stronger, blurring the lines of reality, insidious secrets come to light, forcing her into a race against time to solve the clues her mother left behind.


The deeper she delves, the harder it becomes to discern the sleight of hand from the truth. Every secret casts a shadow, and as old phantoms recall to life, she is faced with a vault of answers demanding a steep price. When Adelaide’s search entwines with threads from Teo’s past, she’ll have to lean on those around her in order to confront the broken pieces of herself. Can she reconcile her scars to uncover what her mother died to protect, or will the cost of the truth shatter her?


Veiled Scars is the second volume in The Timewalker Archives, a young adult historical fantasy series perfect for fans of NBC’s Timeless and Alyson Noël’s Stealing Infinity.

Veiled Scars Book Box

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