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Beach Waves

Why Sillage Press?

Books That Make Waves

The word 'sillage' comes from the French word for 'wake' meaning something that is left behind or lingers. Perfumers use it most often to describe the scent trail that follows the wearer, but it can also be applied to anything that creates a similar effect. The ripples from a pebble dropped in water. The disturbance of air from the flap of a butterfly's wings. The last fading note of a song. Or in our case, the impact of words and stories long after the pages are closed.​


As both an imprint for Emily VanderBent's books and a collection of author services, we want the stories we tell and the ones we help bring to life to linger. To create a ripple effect in the lives of readers and those they interact with. Stories are powerful things. From only 26 little letters, they inspire us to hope, to heal, and to dream, providing not just a safe place to lose ourselves, but also one to find ourselves. We believe everyone has a story to tell and that everyone should have a way to tell it. 


pronunciation | 'sE-yazh

origin| French

(n.) the scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in the water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone; the trace of someone's perfume.


A Note from Emily

Your Story Matters

Story is one of the fundamental ways we as humans connect with and relate to one another. Across time, countries, and people groups, it's the one language we collectively speak. Through the power of story, 26 little letters, combined with purpose, can alter the life of a single person and create ripples of change that go on for generations. It can alter the future and make history.

So often we underestimate the power of our individual stories, especially as women. We've grown accustomed to locking them inside our rib cage and holding them captive for fear of what others might think if we allow them a glimpse of the unedited story of us. But the magic happens when we tell our stories as they are, not as we wish they were.

I write so the stories of women in the past are honored and remembered. So the stories inside me might reach the person who needs them most. And more than anything, I write so the girl wondering if her dreams are worth chasing finds the courage to believe they are.

How We Can Help You Share Your Story


Whether you need a virtual assistant to coordinate your book launch team and PR, a social media manager to run your social profiles, or a creative copywriter to produce blog or newsletter content, we have a variety of services to help you promote your book or brand.

Connect with us for custom packages and pricing tailored to your specific needs.

Working at the Beach

PR & Marketing

Coordinate Launch Team

Book Signings & Events

Virtual Assistant

Book Box Outreach

PR Box Coordination

Merch Design/Coordination

Graphics/Marketing Materials

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Beach Accessories

Line Editing

Word Choice







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Writing on Beach

Social Media Manager







SM Marketing


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Beach Jewelry

Author Coaching


Indie Publishing


Social Media

Publishing Plan



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Creative Copywriting

Social Media Posts



Marketing Materials


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