"Crimson Time is an absolutely stunning book. VanderBent's impeccable attention to historic detail, while still rendering the complexities of accessible emotions for her modern characters, is absolutely awe-inspiring."

- Kyra Ann Dawkins, Author of The We and The They

Crimson Time reminds readers that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it but enforces the notion that those who wish to learn from history must first seek it.”

—Haley Newlin, Author of Not Another Sarah Halls

The past, lies, and a pair of earrings may not be the only barriers between Adelaide Anson and the truth about her parents' deaths.

Adelaide still can’t shake the feeling that the fire wasn’t an accident. No one else seems to believe there may be more to the story; that is until a mysterious letter shows up confirming Adelaide’s suspicions. Lured by the promise of answers, Adelaide follows the letter and finds herself thrust into the world of the Red Rose Society, a secret order composed of the descendants of historical figures. If Adelaide wants to get into the Red Rose Society and gain the answers she seeks, she'll have to survive a trip to the past and outwit the other initiates before the clock runs down.

Crimson Time is the first book in an exciting YA fiction series that combines elements of history and time travel to tell the stories of women in the past. Young adults, as well as the young at heart, will be swept up in the past and carried into a world of secrets and lies.

Crimson Time


"VanderBent writes with beautiful detail that allows the reader to appreciate the moment. With a great balance of history and mystery, she takes us deep into the Red Rose Society with a gripping interest that takes over and leaves us wanting more."

—S.V. Filice, Author of The Moral Bloodlines Series

"Crimson Time is a novel that keeps you wanting more. The dynamic characters keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what happened and what comes next, and when you do get the joy of experiencing each page, you won't be able to predict it."

—Mackenzie Finklea, Author of Beyond the Halls

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